What is SCHNURSTRAX Records ?

Welcome to SCHNURSTRAX Records. 

Created in the year 2007, when Luxembourg became the European capital of culture, SCHNURTRAX popped out from nowhere. Slowly the "Net-label for ALL KIND of art" sharpened its profile towards a more music-focussed, multicultural and stylistically eclectic collective, that released a bunch of astonishingly refreshing full length albums far from the mainstream. By offering almost the whole music catalogue in a decent sound-quality for free download, it contributed to the rise and development of the local web 2.0 hysteria. Through MySpace, FaceBook and other so-called social networking platforms curious and challenging listeners could find a large variety of experimental, electronic, contemporary classic and noise-rock rarities.

SCHNURSTRAX released records from artists spread over 5 continents (Argentina, Luxembourg, China, USA, Burkina Faso) what helped to spread out loud one of its core values : cross musical and geographic boundaries.

Over the last two years SCHNURSTRAX focussed more on the event managing spectrum of its activities. We don't think it would be pretentious to state that every one of the 5 SCHNURSTRAX label nights eventually succeeded in awaking a larger public's interest and hunger for thoroughly sincere and creative electronic music in a audio and video-enhanced live setting.

After a recent one year "creative hiatus", SCHNURSTRAX is back with a new website outfit, new artists, brand-new releases and numerous live-performances spread through the upcoming months.

A brief specification regarding all downloadable music on this website :

All downloadable works of the online platform are licenced under Creative Commons License by-nc-nd 2.5.
Which means that you can copy, distribute, display, and perform all the the works published on www.schnurstrax.net under the following conditions:

> You may not use this work for commercial purposes 

> You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work 

> You must attribute the work to the respective author
hence it means that

> you can download music, pictures, videos and texts from www.schnurstrax.net, share it with other people and save it on CD or DVD.

What you cannot do:

You cannot use our music for commercial purposes, but if you need to do it please contact us at the_strime[ at ] hotmail.com.

Anyway, we hope you will find your lost treasure among the almost 40 music albums.
Feel free to comment, post suggestions or criticise. Use the Site Navigator to browse through the whole website.
Have fun.